Drying flowers

Hello dear friends,

Isn’t it nice that its cooled down a bit now! I was beginning to feel quite scorched like the flowers. It has however been a great time for picking blooms to dry! My favourite right now is nepita or catmint as its more commonly known. It dries really beautifully keeping its colour. I tie it it bundles, first removing the lower leaves then hang it upside down somewhere dry and not too bright. I’ve bundles hanging all around the studio right now- the cat loves it!

Other good things to dry right now are roses (if you can bare to pick them… I always struggle), lavender, larkspur and cornflowers. Of course there are lots more but these are my favourites. I also collect lots of grasses when I’m out walking as they bring movement and interest when putting together a dried arrangement.

Later on in the season I’ll be collecting straw flowers a type of helichrysum, I’ve grown white and pale pink this year but they wont be ready till at least the end of summer. I’m also growing nigella- I forget the name but it has black seed pods so I think it will be quite interesting. And not forgetting hydrangeas! I get asked a lot how to dry hydrangeas. It’s quite simple really… You simply pop them in a vase with water and when they have drunk all the water (over the course of a week or so) they will dry naturally like they would on the plant.

I’ve also got my big flower press out so I’m gathering blooms and trying to preserve the seasons which seem to be flying by already.

I’ll be in the garden this morning making sure everything is tied back to minimise storm damage then I hope the rain holds off a bit longer as I’m meeting up with a photographer friend for lunch. Have a good day my flower loving friends x