Flower workshops

Coming soon!

Well hello my flower loving friends.

How are you? It’s been a while I know…

I’ve really had to get my head down these past few months and explore every angle of how I can make A Bunch Of Wild reach you in times like these. We are back doing our farmers markets but I’m afraid we haven’t yet opened our doors for in person workshops. Partly because they are held in our home but also so many of you have told me how uncomfortable you are attending anything. I quite understand! That is why I have extended the use by date on any one-to-one vouchers to October 2021! Plus I have come up with something I think you are going to LOVE 💕

I am soon to be launching my very own online subscription community. It’s very different and its aimed at all my dear followers as a way to get to know each other better. So let me explain how it works…

It’s a tiered subscription service so there is something for everyone, it is a paid service but it can be cancelled at any time.

The first tier is the base layer and really helps to support my business. In this segment I will be doing a weekly ‘Tea and chat’ informal video or journal entry which will include things like what I’m growing in the garden right now, walking over the fields and foraging and just chatting about flowers and creativity. You will also get priority access to my seed sales and to garden visits (when it is safe to do so). I also send you links to anything garden/flower related that I think you’ll enjoy.

The second tier includes everything in tier 1 but also includes floral workshops. Once a month I will post an online workshop in flower growing, floral arrangements or floral crafts. You also get to hang out here and have priority communication, plus I ask you in polls what you would like me to do workshops on. It’s a really great way to keep connected and my aim is to make it really mindful so you can switch off and immerse in something lovely.

Tier three is the business tier, aimed at those of you that want to turn your hobby into a business. It includes everything from tiers 1 & 2 plus a monthly workshop/talk in things like using social media, building a website and I cover a lot of photography in this section. I will also be gently guiding and nudging you along with talks of getting out there and just doing it, plus different types of careers that involve flowers. You also get to choose on polls to pick what you would like to learn.

Tier four is the mentoring one. You will get everything in tiers 1,2 & 3 but you will also get a 40 minute phone/skype/zoom call with me every month. You will also get to private message me during your subscription. You can ask me anything you like so make sure you think up a list!

So that’s it! I hope to get this finished and up and running within the next couple of weeks. I shall write to you all as soon as its live!

In the meantime please feel free to share this newsletter with someone you feel would enjoy hearing from A Bunch Of Wild. You can also leave me a comment below and of course if you no longer wish to receive these emails just hit the unsubscribe link below.

Enjoy the sunshine ☀️

Emma xx