Lovely new things and sofa shopping

Beautifully styled by A Bunch Of Wild

Hello my dear friends,

I’m so sorry, I haven’t written to you in over a month. I guess despite still being busy I lost my mojo a bit, I’m sure you understand and I know I’m not the only one. Anyway I don’t want to go on about it anymore. Mojo is back and order will slowly be following.

So my little flower poppets, how are you? I hope you’re ok! I miss you! Didn’t we have amazing weather last April and I think summer is arriving next week too.

Today was a bit of a styling day as I’d got lots of pretty things to go on the website including my own botanical ceramics.

I spent a lovely couple of hours styling my table and taking pics. It got me thinking about after lockdown when we can properly mix again and how I can run my pop-ups. I have to say I am so relieved that my Ampthill shop lease ended when it did, even more relieved that I hadn’t signed a new lease for another space (which I was about to do), I feel a little put off about having another shop right now and I’ve never been more grateful for my studio. However, when I was styling today I started pondering the idea about doing my next pop up from right here in my living room! Possibly spilling out into the garden weather depending. And obviously the invitation is to you lot only, your friends too of course. What do you think? Good chance to be nosey!

Also as soon as restrictions are lifted You can join me for some workshops and pick your own flower mornings, I will also be back at Woburn farmers market too.

You can shop for my lovely things here!

I’ve also been taking regular snaps of my garden and you can see more of what I’m up to on my blog and on Instagram.

I hope to see you soon!

Emma xx