I’m Emma,

Gardener, potter, painter, photographer and floral stylist. The list does go on a bit so lets just round it up by saying I love creating beauty through what nature has to offer!

Potters Cottage is the home of A Bunch Of Wild. A tiny old former estate cottage with a lovely big garden (just the way round I like things). What started on a clay allotment plot in a cold January when nobody in their right mind should be digging, has since bloomed into something that I’ve honed over the years to be more manageable but no less beautiful.


A Bunch Of Wild was born from my love of cottage garden flowers, the wild hedgerow’s and sustainability. With a passion for interiors and bringing the outdoors inside, I’d often spend most mornings foraging and picking up interesting fallen foliage in the woods and bringing it home to make something unique.

I was in between careers having just given up my salon and lecturing and just finished an interior design course and working as a freelance stylist where I found myself drawn to florals to make a room. It was at this point when I decided to take a floristry and flower farmers course just to clarify what I already knew- I have a deep love of growing flowers. A year later and I combined my love of flowers, craft and vintage and started selling my cut flowers and floral crafts at farmers markets.

The business has emerged over the years to floral styling, sourcing and selling vintage homeware and teaching workshops. I grew my flowers on an allotment and in my garden and used local flower farms to supply workshops where I taught everything from wreath making, photography styling, seed sowing and pottery using botanicals.

I opened my shop in Ampthill where I also sold my pottery and paintings alongside flowers and wreaths and closed it again as covid hit. Then opened my online shop. It was difficult running the business for a few years as we had a couple of house moves fall through which really messed up the growing side of things but in October 2022 I finally made the move and now have the garden and space again to grow flowers and teach.


I have been busy creating The Vintage Barn- an open sided building in the garden with a log burner for when the weather turns cooler. And I’m still making art and pottery. I aim to reopen my interiors store online selling carefully curated vintage items and gifts for the home including my seasonal wreaths and dried flowers.

And I’m busy designing and creating a new cutting garden at Potters Cottage to supply flowers for styling my home and teaching workshops in floristry, styling and flower growing. I’m also planning on running some wellness with flowers mornings/afternoons where people can book a slot and come and pick flowers from my cutting beds to create something lovely with.

Follow my substack as I rebuild A Bunch Of Wild and my new garden. I look forward to sharing what I’m growing/making with you.

Emma x