New website now live

Get your sneaky peak here first!

Hello dear friends,

So during lockdown I have been working like mad merging my two businesses, A Bunch Of Wild & Emma Connolly Designs. And I finally have a new website! I suddenly feel very grown up, it was a huge decision as is any investment at this time but I felt it was even more necessary now more than ever to have a good online store.

You will also be able to book shop visits, workshops and pick your own flower dates all from the one place.

For your sneaky peak click here!

Lovely new things and sofa shopping

Beautifully styled by A Bunch Of Wild

Hello my dear friends,

I’m so sorry, I haven’t written to you in over a month. I guess despite still being busy I lost my mojo a bit, I’m sure you understand and I know I’m not the only one. Anyway I don’t want to go on about it anymore. Mojo is back and order will slowly be following.

So my little flower poppets, how are you? I hope you’re ok! I miss you! Didn’t we have amazing weather last April and I think summer is arriving next week too.

Today was a bit of a styling day as I’d got lots of pretty things to go on the website including my own botanical ceramics.

I spent a lovely couple of hours styling my table and taking pics. It got me thinking about after lockdown when we can properly mix again and how I can run my pop-ups. I have to say I am so relieved that my Ampthill shop lease ended when it did, even more relieved that I hadn’t signed a new lease for another space (which I was about to do), I feel a little put off about having another shop right now and I’ve never been more grateful for my studio. However, when I was styling today I started pondering the idea about doing my next pop up from right here in my living room! Possibly spilling out into the garden weather depending. And obviously the invitation is to you lot only, your friends too of course. What do you think? Good chance to be nosey!

Also as soon as restrictions are lifted You can join me for some workshops and pick your own flower mornings, I will also be back at Woburn farmers market too.

You can shop for my lovely things here!

I’ve also been taking regular snaps of my garden and you can see more of what I’m up to on my blog and on Instagram.

I hope to see you soon!

Emma xx

A change of pace and altering our business.

Hello my dear friends, so I have lots of photos to share with you in this post! Hopefully they will put a spring in your step! I’m working on the garden right now to make it pretty and useful so when this is all over you can come for a visit.

The new greenhouse is up… thank god… at last, it was a flipping nightmare but I’m incredibly happy with it now. My daughter helped me paint it in Farrow & Ball Vert de terre. It’s one of my favourite shades and works with everything in the garden.

I’ve started moving seedlings in here that I’d started in the garden room. When lockdown is over I’ll buy the stones for the flooring and some pieces to style it up a bit. I’d love one of those tiny french antique chandeliers hanging inside! No it’s not extreme, there is no harm in having something beautiful as well as functional, at least that’s what I tell my husband.

Being in lockdown and slowing down a little has really made me think about what matters and it’s made me look at A Bunch Of Wild anew… again. I can’t tell you how relieved I am not to have my Ampthill shop, we were just weeks away from signing a new lease in Hitchin so I really have a lot to be thankful for. I’m trying my best to still buy from small independent businesses where possible but it’s difficult when your watching the pennies too!

At the moment I am really enjoying chilling out with my animals and making plans for the future. It’s also freed me up to be making more ceramics which I love! I am missing hosting my workshops though, I can’t wait to start them again.

Dog walks have become a very busy affair! I’ve never come across so many people on my walks, still, everyone tries to keep the distance. I wonder if this will set the path for a very healthy way of living again. I see a lot more families out now which is lovely to see, I think we may have some generations growing up loving nature and maybe not so addicted to their technology… maybe, what do you think?

Anyway, I hope you are keeping well and managing to find some enjoyment in this funny world.

Tiny things I really appreciate…

Having a cup of tea in the garden.

Not setting an alarm.

No more washing school uniforms or ironing shirts!

Seeing spring emerge.

listening to birdsong.

You try, see how many you can come up with.

Speak soon,

Emma xx

Putting up the greenhouse and making flowery plans.

Plus making ceramics and art.

Hello dear friends,

Before we hit lockdown I’d ordered a new wooden greenhouse for the garden. Thankfully it came this week 🤗 and we’ve been painting it and putting it together. We’ve still got the glazing and the roof to go but here are a few pics so far…

I’ve painted the outside in Farrow & Ball vert de terre and I’m going to paint the inside in a slightly darker grey/green. I’ve got a vintage drop leaf table and Lloyd loom chair to go inside as well as my plant shelves. We’re going to put a little raised bed down one side to grow our tomatoes in. Actually, because of the situation we’re now in we’ve decided to grow a lot more veg this year. I haven’t quite figured out where I’m going to plant it all though.

As for the outlook of A Bunch Of Wild, well I’ve been busy sowing lots of seeds and reminding everyone that I have a FREE online cut flower patch course. I’m also thinking of doing more YouTube videos, I do have a channel but it’s been a while. Obviously when all this is over we will resume with our markets and our garden pop-up shop. But until then, I’ll be growing lots of flowers and will very soon be offering a doorstep delivery service and I will also open the garden gate for passers by. We’re still a few weeks off of having any flowers yet but I’ll let you know as soon as we do.

I’ve also been very busy making new ceramics and paintings for my online shop. Unfortunately my in person workshops have all had to be cancelled but I promise to put new dates up as soon as this is over! I will be doing my ceramic classes, pick your own flower mornings and I have a phone photography for Instagram class that I’m really excited about too!

Business aside… this week I’ve been enjoying the sunshine, loved spending time with my daughter as she celebrated her 18th birthday, snuggles with all my animals and drinking lots of tea.

I’ve also loved lazy mornings and not being in a mad rush to get everything done.

I will keep posting on Instagram and check in with you all next week. Take care my dear flower loving friends xx

Garden gate flower stall open.

A Bunch Of Wild.

Hello dear friends,

So although our pop-up garden shop was cancelled, I’ve decided to open our garden gate flower stall with an honesty box.

little posies are just £5 each. I’m open till 4pm today and 11-4 This Saturday.

This is just for Mothers Day this weekend. I’ll post again when it’s next open.
Find us at 40 Chapel Road, Flitwick on the bend.

If the sign is down and the door shut then I’m afraid they’re all gone 😔

Hope they cheer you up!

Emma xx

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