Styling my new studio space

Bring in the plants

Hello my flower loving friends,

Do you like my new space? What with the mr working from home full time at the minute we’ve decided to swap studio/office. So I’ve moved into our conservatory and been making it my own all week. Cue lots of house plants (more to come) and rustic styling. I’ve quite enjoyed it actually and thought you might like a peak…

My favourite plants right now are oxalis (far left), pilea (middle) and a mini palm. I’ll be bringing in more as the days start to shorten and the house becomes too dark for them so by the beginning of November I’ll have quite a jungle to work in, that’s ok, plants make me very happy.

I bought my old desk from a local house clearance guy (Ken @ Second Hand Alley if you’re local to Bedfordshire). And I’ve placed scaffold boards on an old table for extra working space, plus i love the texture and patina.

Of course I now can’t shut my door on my inquisitive animals anymore so I’m frequently visited by the cat & dog, not so bad until the cat decides to eat my dried flowers or walk across my paintings and wet clay.

So now I’m in, my attention has turned back to my business and creating beautiful things. I kicked off today with making some ceramics which are going to be adorned with blue roses and hand painted birds and I’m just looking into opening our online Christmas decoration shop again.

As Autumn creeps in there will be cutting back in the garden to be done but I’m holding fire on planting seeds as we’re still hoping to move after Christmas. We were supposed to move just before last Christmas but it all fell through last minute and I just didn’t have the energy to go again. So this time we’re crossing everything and praying very hard! We’ve made this garden really work for us and A Bunch Of Wild over the years, but we’re so ready for a new challenge! You know when you’re just done?…

I know I’ve just mentioned Christmas three times… four, I’ll stop that now.

I keep thinking we’re on Friday already but i will wish you a lovely weekend anyway,

Emma xx

The Story So Far

Ever evolving

Hello my dear friends,

It feels like forever ago that I have sat down and written a newsletter or blog post. Having family around 24/7 has certainly made a difference to the way I’ve been able to work and as I write this I can hear bickering coming from my kitchen, will this ever end I ask myself… Well it hasn’t been all bad. We’ve come together a lot over these past couple of years and despite on-off lockdowns I’ve seen my family grow and change. Change is inevitable, its what I always tell my kids. Once you can get your head around this, it makes it easier to welcome with open arms, even seek it. I love change! And that my dear friends is the key to running A Bunch Of Wild.

My business is ever evolving and i love that about it, I hope you do too. What started out growing flowers for my flower stall has changed nearly beyond recognition, although I still grow flowers. Flowers are still the thread that holds my business together and a never ending fascination for our seasons.

So I thought I’d fill you in on what we’ve been up to, but I see a lot of new subscribers so I thought I’d also share our story of how we started.

We are flower growers. We- being my husband and I. It’s what we do, it’s part of who we are. We’ve always been gardeners but in 2016/17 we started growing flowers for farmers markets and floral workshops. It actually all started because I was a freelance wedding stylist at the time and I used to raid my garden for my styling jobs. It wasn’t long after starting that I wrote my signature online course ‘How to start a flower farm’ which is still hugely popular today and can be found on my blog.

Fast forward to 2019 and we opened our first store selling British flowers and beautiful gifts for the home, plus my own ceramics and paintings. We were just about to open our next shop, the big one, when covid hit. The second shop never happened and we had already closed the first one, and then I became ill… I’ve had long covid for the best part of nine months and it was utterly debilitating. I couldn’t smell/taste anything, could just about walk to the woods and any gardening was a no no. Honestly I’ve never slept so much. But great change came from illness. As I recovered I could sit in my studio and make ceramics and paint. Everything I made was inspired by flowers, by our garden and I started to sell these through our online store. A Bunch Of Wild is still about growing flowers, supporting British growers and our beautiful seasons but now it’s so much more! It’s about creativity and passing that on. Covid has taught me to try everything going, step outside the box and grab everything that inspires you. It’s taught me not to worry about the little things and to make the most of what we can, what we have and what we can do. A Bunch Of Wild had to change to keep going, and it will probably do so over and over again. I hope you’ll continue with me on this journey, I can promise you it will never be dull, but if at any time you feel you’re done then please unsubscribe at any time, I wont be the least offended.

So here’s what I’ve been doing and what is absolutely lighting me up right now…

Painting. Ive always loved painting. I paint in oils using my fingers, mostly impressionistic/abstract florals. I love movement and muted tones with just a little pop of bright colour.

And ceramics. My designs are inspired by garden and birds. I mostly make functional pieces like mugs and vases.

At the moment I am just considering hosting workshops again and will let you know dates as soon as I can. They will be full of creativity and will range from wreath making, creating botanical plates in clay and painting as a healing practice. Classes will be no more than four people and one-to-one will also be available.

In the meantime if you’d like to see more of/shop my paintings you can find them here!

Or, to shop my ceramics you can visit the shop here!

Keep well my dear friends.

Emma xx

Floral Instagram Morning

At Howbury Farm Flowers

Hello my dear friends,

Just a little post to let you know about a flower and Instagram morning I’m running at Howbury Farm Flowers in Renhold, Bedfordshire on the 5th of July (Monday) starting at 10am and finishing at 12.30

The morning will involve a tour of the walled garden flower farm and you will get to spend the morning making vignettes with flowers and taking lots of photographs. It really is a insta swoon worthy place! Tea and cake will be provided too and the morning promises to be a very laid back affair with emphasis on enjoying the moment of creating with flowers. I will be sharing tips on styling, photography (phone or camera) and will be talking about lighting plus answering any questions you may have about Instagram or other means of sharing your images.

Just to let you know the class will only be small! And is £50.00 pp

To book your place, please call 07870 517803 or 07786 038891, or email

Drying flowers

Hello dear friends,

Isn’t it nice that its cooled down a bit now! I was beginning to feel quite scorched like the flowers. It has however been a great time for picking blooms to dry! My favourite right now is nepita or catmint as its more commonly known. It dries really beautifully keeping its colour. I tie it it bundles, first removing the lower leaves then hang it upside down somewhere dry and not too bright. I’ve bundles hanging all around the studio right now- the cat loves it!

Other good things to dry right now are roses (if you can bare to pick them… I always struggle), lavender, larkspur and cornflowers. Of course there are lots more but these are my favourites. I also collect lots of grasses when I’m out walking as they bring movement and interest when putting together a dried arrangement.

Later on in the season I’ll be collecting straw flowers a type of helichrysum, I’ve grown white and pale pink this year but they wont be ready till at least the end of summer. I’m also growing nigella- I forget the name but it has black seed pods so I think it will be quite interesting. And not forgetting hydrangeas! I get asked a lot how to dry hydrangeas. It’s quite simple really… You simply pop them in a vase with water and when they have drunk all the water (over the course of a week or so) they will dry naturally like they would on the plant.

I’ve also got my big flower press out so I’m gathering blooms and trying to preserve the seasons which seem to be flying by already.

I’ll be in the garden this morning making sure everything is tied back to minimise storm damage then I hope the rain holds off a bit longer as I’m meeting up with a photographer friend for lunch. Have a good day my flower loving friends x

The garden in June

Hello dear friends, I thought I would just share a few snaps from the garden that I took the other evening. I love June! I think my garden always looks its very best in June. Before it becomes scorched from summer. There is still the freshness of spring and everything is just starting to come into its own.

As I sit here under the pergola drinking my morning coffee, the table is scattered with the last of the wisteria petals and I can smell the scent of the near by roses. There is work to do... I must go into the studio and make mugs. Yes, during lockdown my little side hustle of pottery has become my full time career. But i think I’ll just sit here a moment longer and listen to the birds. Have a beautiful day!

Emma x

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